PRESS RELEASE: A new plant in Sherbrooke that eliminates 2 tons of Greenhouse gases per day!


Sherbrooke, January 14, 2019. – Energy Solutions Air (ESA), an innovative company, inaugurated its new plant in Sherbrooke on January 14th. More than 50 people attended the inauguration. Among the guests were Sherbrooke Federal Deputy, Pierre-Luc Dusseault, and Sherbrooke Alternate Mayor Julien Lachance.

A visit to the 5000 square foot factory revealed more about ESA-1000 heat recovery ventilators (HRV).

One HRV allows you to:

  • Eliminate 2.5 cars in terms of greenhouse gases emissions
  • Reduce heating costs by 50%
  • Improve air quality for animals and staff
  • Improve animal health

ESA’s founding members include young talents from the University of Sherbrooke, such as Gabriel Gagné-Marcotte, CEO of the company: “It all started in 2010 with the scientist Daniel Rousse. he told, at the press conference preceding the inauguration of the plant. We developed the product for three years and started marketing in 2016. ” Recipient of the Growth Pitch Award at the Katalysis event last September, ESA is the pride of its partners, including Anges Québec and Sherbrooke Innopole. “We are very proud to financially support innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs like ESA. Their heat recovery ventilation technology reduces the carbon footprint of the agricultural industry, while increasing the competitiveness of poultry and hog producers, “says ESA President. and Vice President – Investment Support at Anges Québec, Stéphane Pilette.

$ 2 million investment and 20 jobs

A year ago, ESA closed its first $ 1 million round of financing to support its growth in the Canadian and US markets, thanks to financial partners such as the Innovexport, Desjardins Capital, Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions, Sherbrooke Innopole through its Innovative Business Investment Fund and two members of Anges Québec.


Currently, nearly $ 2 million has been invested to support the activities of the young company. In the next six months, ESA plans to double its number of jobs. “We are four employees at the moment, and we expect to need more than twenty in the next two years,” says ESA’s Chief Financial Officer, Adam Frégeau.

On the picture: ESA’s Gabriel Gagné-Marcotte, Adam Frégeau and Daniel R. Rousse, founding members of ESA, are surrounded by partners and dignitaries at the ESA factory inaguration, including Sherbrooke’s deputy, Pierre-Luc Dusseault, Sherbrooke, Alternate Sherbrooke’s  Mayor Julien Lachance, and Stéphane Pilette, President of ESA and Vice President – Investment Support at Anges Québec. -30-