Why install an ESA-1000 heat exchanger unit?

In pig farming, a heat exchanger is a device that makes it possible to preheat incoming air by using the hot air that is usually expelled outdoors. It is a technology that has already proven itself in several areas.

The installation of an ESA-1000 unit is a cost-effective investment. Recoup your investment quickly thanks to the money you save and your increased yields:

  • Up to a 50% reduction in heating costs
  • Reduction of CO2, humidity and ammonia levels in the building thanks to improved air circulation.
  • Increased production revenue thanks to improved animal health (better climate = better yields)

The advantages of the ESA-1000 in your pig livestock building

  • No maintenance required during production batches
  • Quick and easy maintenance between cycles
  • Balanced air flow rates
  • Adapts to controllers already in place
  • Does not occupy space in your production area
  • Fast, phased installation


The streamlined design of the ESA-1000 allows it to be installed quickly, without the use of special equipment, and without modifying your working areas. All that’s needed are a few screws.


The oversized grooves of the ESA-1000 eliminate blockages and facilitate the removal of debris through a simple rinsing process. Only one cleaning operation is required between production cycles and, thanks to the slide-out access to the heat transfer grid, the entire operation takes only a few minutes.


The ESA-1000’s single-motor system is innovative. The single helix is especially designed to allow for high-flow bidirectional air exchange. This sophisticated improvement makes the system energy efficient, cost efficient, more reliable and easier to maintain. Use the savings you make on your first units to gradually add other ESA-1000 to your building.

Are you interested in reducing your heating costs?