Thermal Analysis

Heat transfer is at the heart of our energy efficiency and energy conversion achievements. In industry, the goal is either to conserve thermal energy (insulation and recovery) or to expel it (control, protection, safety).


Whether with simple computational tools, more complete simulation methods or complex differential-equation-solving software, ESA has the resources required to carry out the analysis that you need.

Energy Audits

We will diagnose, analyze and validate your facilities. We will recommend the best solutions in response to your needs and energy market conditions.

Measurement and Verification

Working closely with its partner Ener21 (, ESA provides intelligent measurement, verification and complete monitoring and targeting solutions.

Fluid Mechanics

In collaboration with the t3e research chair and its partners, ESA conducts digital simulations using the best software possible.

Building Systems

Working closely with its partner Ambioner (, ESA offers a range of building system solution including project management.


ESA offers structured design methods in order to channel the creative problem-solving processes into tangible results.


ESA can support you in your new-building energy-optimization projects or in the re-optimization of existing buildings.


Innovative projects are often eligible to receive financial support. ESA can help you find and obtain grants.

 We cooperate with you on your projects by contributing high-level specialized knowledge.

Our specialists will help you by adding their considerable expertise to your team’s skill set. We advocate a practical approach based on advanced theoretical knowledge. Let us show you how we find simple solutions to complex issues.

Add an ESA specialist to your team!

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