ESA products are designed to be durable and reliable.
They are designed to meet real needs identified by our customers.
We create concrete, practical solutions.

Cost-effective solutions for a better environment!

Our goal is to create a better environment without neglecting the importance of the financial performance of our solutions

Our team

Daniel R. Rousse

Senior Scientific Researcher/CSO
1 (418) 655-0044

Daniel R. Rousse teaches at the École de Technologie Supérieure, where he holds the Industrial Research Chair in Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies (t3e). A renowned expert in energy transfer and fluid mechanics, he previously taught at Laval University, where he received many teaching and research awards. He is an active member of the Quebec Energy Management Association (Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie/AQME) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Stéphane Pilette

1 (514) 781-1350

Stéphane Pilette is the president of Energy Solution Air. Having earned a Master of Applied Science, he worked nearly twenty years managing technological product development for several industries. An experienced entrepreneur with a tech startup at Vimedix, he completed his MBA at the University of Sherbrooke to further strengthen his business background.

Gabriel Gagné-Marcotte

Chief Executive Officer
1 (819) 993-5690

Gabriel Gagné-Marcotte is a young entrepreneur from the mechanical engineering program at the University of Sherbrooke. His specific areas of expertise are in assembly process management and R & D, which he acquired during time spent at Camoplast Industrial and Camoplast’s powersports division. In addition, he took part in the development of the material portion of the Vimedix simulation mannequin. He is currently completing a Master in Energy Efficiency at the École de Technologie Supérieure to further develop his knowledge of ESA’s fields of expertise.

Adam Frégeau

Chief Financial Officer
1 (450) 521-0710

Adam Frégeau trained as an accountant (CPA-CMA) and then went on to specialize in business management by completing an MBA at the University of Sherbrooke. For our company, he focuses mainly on process improvement to reduce costs and eliminate errors. His approach, based on added value for customers, is directly aligned with the ESA’s emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Randy Taylor

Sales Director
1 (855) 573-2877

Randy Taylor is director of sales at Énergie Solutions Air.
Over the past thirty years, his career in the manufacturing industry has enabled him to develop a solid knowledge of the workings of technical sales, mechanical equipment as well as a great expertise in the gas detection industry.
Experienced sales manager, Randy is also a successful entrepreneur, making him a key business development specialist here at ESA.

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